Welcome to Taylor Leigh Photography!

Well this is exciting!!! I am so happy you are here checking out my beautiful new website!!! First off I want to say welcome, and thank you for being here! I’m Taylor, the girl behind the camera! I was born in Idaho, PNW raised and currently live in Puyallup, WA! I’m a wife to my forever sweet heart and mama to two wild & handsome boys! My day's normally consist of keeping two little humans alive and endlessly reheating my morning cup of coffee. We are always on some sort of adventure, at our family cabin on Mt. St. Helens or doing something that get’s our adrenalin goin! I’m so excited to be sharing a lot more about this passion of mine and start blogging all my photo sessions. The look of all my session galleries, plus the stories behind them are always to good not to share!

I hope you enjoy this site and come back to see more of my sessions!

Xo -Taylor